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Deecla Services Limited

Business Process Improvement- BPI services

As part of our BPI services, DSL aims to provide a methodical approach to help its clients improve their business process and to achieve efficient results.

DSL is a Business Management Services (BMS) solutions provider. We believe an organisation’s business processes should be efficient and not complex. Through our Strategic partnership with Sage the provision of the Sage BMS solution to your organization should support your business strategy. If your business process involves adding more employees, and supporting multiple or global operations, or offering new services, Sage BMS solutions provide a strong foundation.

Sage is a leading global supplier of business management software and services for small, midsized, and large businesses. The Sage Group plc, formed in 1981, was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989 and now employs more than 12,600 people and supports more than 6 million customers worldwide.

Sage has been in Nigeria for more than 22 years and has over 1,000 clients across the country. Sage around the world work with its business partner (Sage Solutions provider) to meet the business management service needs of its clients.

Sage BMS (Business Management Services) is a complete system designed to give your business the competitive advantage. Designed for International Business in today’s global marketplace, your suppliers, your customers and your competition are no longer limited by physical borders. That’s why you’ll be glad to know that Sage BMS is deployed in more than 150 countries worldwide at over 45,000 customer locations and supports multiple languages, so it can satisfy even the most demanding international requirements. Sage BMS handles transactions using multiple currencies, calculates currency-revaluation and complies with local accounting (IFRS). Sage BMS products include the Sage 300 and X3 softwares.

Sage BMS offers the ease of integration, high performance and reliability that forward-thinking companies rely on to increase profitability and seize the competitive advantage. At the core of Sage BMS are strong financial, operational, warehousing and customer relationship management features and capabilities.

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