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Deecla Services Limited

Procurement Services

Procurement is the sourcing of goods, services, supplies and resources from a third party at the best possible price optimally and efficiently. DSL plans the resources needed for a project, from start to finish and ensures that quality is achieved and risks are minimized.

We have strategic partnerships with international organizations in fulfilling our procurement function; whether we are sourcing for the unique corporate giveaways needed for our client’s product awareness campaign or the next offshore support vessel needed for the client’s drilling project, procurement is at the heart of what we do at DSL.

We attend seminars, conferences and industry fairs to identify the latest techniques in technology, product launches and stay abreast of various industry trends on an annual basis, specifically the oil and gas and financial services industries, amongst others.

In procurement we have to constantly grapple with the questions: what, how, how much and when to procure, however at DSL, we have been able to provide optimal procurement service by doing the following

  • Employing the best technology
  • Constantly innovating
  • Continually seeking new opportunities
  • Maintaining quality of our sourced items while minimizing costs
  • Forging relationships with key suppliers
  • Learning industry’s best practices
  • Sharing vital information with our clients
  • Transparency with our suppliers and clients
  • Not overpromising
  • Securing the best products with proper packaging
  • Adding value to services provided.
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