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Deecla Services Limited

Human Capital Management (HCM)

DSL provides HCM solutions to small business owners, mid-size companies and corporations. Our solutions currently include our unique workforce acquisition strategy and workforce training model.

  • Our Workforce acquisition strategy

    In any company’s workforce acquisition strategy, there has to be proper planning and organization of the company’s recruitment and selection. At DSL, we are with our client all the way. We fill the gaps that need to be filled in the talent acquisition journey. Whether it is helping our clients to determine the human capital required for its company or putting together a job description for an open role or determining the appropriate salary for the candidate, we ensure that the recruitment and selection of candidates for our clients is seamless and effortless.

    Through our unique sourcing techniques, we ensure our candidates are a fit for the roles to be filled at our client’s. Candidates are sourced from our proprietary database and from reliable partner organisations. CVs are screened and short-listed and candidates go through a thorough qualitative and quantitative assessment.

    Our candidates, having been screened, are handed off to our clients for selection. Two out of three are interviewed and one in five of them are eventually hired. Our candidates have local and international experience and come from various industries.

    POE Approach
  • Our Workforce Training model

    Training is vital for the development of the employees of any organization. When they are consistent and fully maximized, they help to boost the effectiveness of your workforce. Without it, your employees’ skills become outdated and productivity will be affected.

    With the proliferation of technology and greater demands of the workplace, flexibility in the delivery of training courses is key for any training organization like ours.

    DSL training approach is a partnership with the client. We work with you to understand your training needs and design a practicable and applicable.

    Addie Model
  • Our training methodology
    • Use of case studies and real life scenarios in training programs
    • Flexibility in the delivery of courses
    • Subject matter experts or skilled personnel to administer the courses
    • Partnership with internationally renowned solutions providers/Facilitators in delivering some of our offerings
  • Our training format
    • On site: a place outside of your office is identified based on your training requirement.
    • Off site: Your organization identifies a location where DSL solutions can hold its trainings or DSL solutions finds the location based on your organization specification
    • E-Learning: On-line learning that incorporates video content and collaboration features; Designed for managers, from new to experienced, to deal with issues that they face
    • Executive Coaching: are designed for executives and high potential staff to develop their leadership skills
    • Customized training: designed specifically for your organization to meet your talents and organization’s needs; they are scheduled in line with your organization’s objectives and can address soft-skills, industry skills, technical skills, employee assistance programs, etc.
  • Our clients’ benefits
    • Program offerings that set your organization apart from the competition
    • E-Learning that is customized for your organization
    • An outsourced process to DSL, a real advisor that will leverage its expertise, knowledge of the industry, and insights.
  • Some of our offerings

    Soft skills (instructor facilitated)

    • Customer Service
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Relationship Management
    • Sales Skills & Management
    • Ethics
    • Negotiations
    • Image Management (visual appearance, verbal and non-verbal communication)
    • Industry skills (instructor facilitated)

      • Finance for Non Finance Managers
      • Budget Monitoring
      • Audit Command Language
      • Budget Planning Using Excel
      • Basel III
      • Anti Money Laundering
      • Information Security
      • Productivity and Performance
      • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)skills, and the design and use of the tool, such as SAGE CRM

      E-learning for High Potential employees and Managers (Harvard Manage Mentor courses)

      Harvard Manage Mentor courses is an online learning program with video content. Courses will cover the following topics:

      • Managing the business: Budgeting, Business Development, Crisis Management, Customer Focus, Decision Making, Finance Essentials, etc.
      • Managing Yourself: Career Management, Goal Setting, Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Time Management, etc.
      • Managing Others: Change Management, Difficult interactions, leading and Motivating, Persuading others, Global Collaboration, etc.
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