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Deecla Services Limited

Consulting (C) Group

DSL's Career Consulting (CC) group, Careers Network Worldwide, provides customized human capital management services to individuals, small businesses, indigenous and multinational companies.

Recruiting/Job Referral Function

One of the ways we fulfill our C group's objective is to assist small businesses and corporations with finding quality talents (local and international graduates) to fill key positions within their companies. Essentially we take the the 'job search' burden away from these organisations and offer them a cost-effective approach to finding talent with our streamlined head-hunting techniques. DSL currently has an extensive database of contacts (over 900 currently and which continues to grow), who have international work experience and/or local expertise. These contacts are either referred for job opportunities or refer credible candidates to us. CVs are screened and shortlisted and referred to the recruiter for a minimal fee. Currently, we refer candidates at all levels i.e. from entry level to Management levels, including specialists and technical experts, across various industries.

Training Functions

DSL partners with our clients to build a robust training program for their staff. We offer a list of soft and non-soft skills courses. We partner with the industry's best in achieving this aim.

Business Process improvement

An Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) tool is an integrated business management solution to help enhance your company' productivity, improve your financial reporting and customer relationship management (CRM). We partner with the leading software companies to help to deliver value with predictable results to your company.

Administrative (A) Group

DSL's Administrative Group caters to companies' administrative functions that need to be outsourced, such as database management, event planning, project coordination, writing, editing, developing standard operating procedures(SOPs), amongst other services.

Literacy (L) group

DSL's ‘L’ group represents the corporate social responsibility(CSR) arm of our company and recognizes the need to improve the standards of literacy in Africa, with the access to books being difficult and expensive in a number of countries. Through our book exchange and impending book club, publishing outfit, and future literacy initiatives, DSL will help individuals, especially children, ages 11 and below, to start reading again. Our ‘L’ groups’s objective is to revive the reading culture in Africa and our goal is to have at least 4,000 individuals participate in our literacy initiatives.

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